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Slider Valve SV-100 High-Speed Solder Paste Dispensing

Manufacturer: ASYMTEK
Slider Valve SV-100 High-Speed Solder Paste Dispensing
The SV-100 is fast and accurate for a range of production requirements, including solder paste dots for passive components smaller than 0603, rework of BGA electrical connections, lines and patterns for RF shield attach, or unique patterns of conductive e
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Asymtek’s SV-100 valve dispenses paste-type fluids with metal additives better than traditional needle dispensing, using slider valve technology.




*20000 dots per hour (1 mm grid)

*Up to 20% faster than auger dispensers
*Dot & Line deposition capability
*Compatible with lead free and no clean solder pastes
*Small diameter paste dispensing for passive components (0402, 0201, …)
*Ideal for BGA re-work, when screen printing is not an option

*Dots < 300 µm with type 4, 5 & 6 pastes
* Compatible with Silver filled Epoxies
* Compatible with off-the-shelf needles
* Resistant to plugging
* Complements screen printing when SMT component mix requires large variation in dot sizes or difficult to print dot sizes

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