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AMB Technic - dispensing systems, surface activation


Manufacturer: Liquid Control - Fluid Research
The PosiDot® features two-component dispensing technology for 0.005 cc's to 5.0 cc's. This meter, mix, and dispense valve is specifically designed to accurately dispense shots of two-component epoxies, urethanes, silicones and most any reactive resin syst
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* Rod positive displacement metering
* From 1 to over 60 cycles per minute, depending on the length of the stroke, size of metering rods, material viscosity, mixer and outlet needle employed
* Balanced inlet/outlet spool assemblies
* Micrometer shot size adjuster with locking ring



* Precise ratio and shot repeatability
* No material displacement when actuated
* Eliminates potential ratio or shot size problems due to hose expansion or contraction
* Adaptable to programmable X-Y-Z tables, robot arms, and work stations

High quality of services provided by AMB Technic approved by ISO Certificate received in 2006. ISO 9001
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