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AMB Technic - dispensing systems, surface activation

Small Foamed Gaskets

Manufacturer: SONDERHOFF
Small Foamed Gaskets
Dispensing Cell SD - DM 402/403 2- / multi- component dosing and mixing system The individual mixture. Modular and compact with small footprint.
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The Dispensing Cell - DM 402/403 is a 2- or multi-component high-performance semi- or
fully-automatic mixing and dosing system for gasketing, glueing and potting different types
of components. The Dispensing Cell - DM 402/403 precisely processes liquid, medium to
high viscose media such as polyurethane, silicones, epoxy resins and other polymer reaction


Processing foamed gaskets with maximum comfort

The new design of the Sonderhoff Dispensing Cell - DM 402/403 design will allow easy and safe operations,
even at various and different jobs. The user interface “Sonderhoff-CONTROL II”, operated by a touch
screen surface, is a big step forward to this direction. The fact that all system and process parameters can
be preset and controlled means that the system is able to handle fully automatic production sequences.
The use of the new multifunctional Teach-in-Box simplifies the contour programming for the processed
parts. The modular hybrid construction facilitates the access to the machine and thus the cleaning and
maintenance work.

High quality of services provided by AMB Technic approved by ISO Certificate received in 2006. ISO 9001
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