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Mini-gasket in precision version

One of applications made in our precision dispensing laboratory: thin, elastic gasket of only 1,5 mm width, applied in citu on the narrow area of plastic box.

Mini-gasket is applied by automatic applicator, based on EFD Ultra TT robotic station. Previously made gasket made manually didn't allow to achieve sealing effect.

The gasket is applied in the way to provide different thickness in some areas, due to product specification. It allows helping to close the box still keeping IP65 level of sealing.

Application of 5000 gaskets in our laboratory takes only ca. 3 days, depending on our lab workers loading. saving on material was bigger than 70%. Result repeatabilty - ca. 92%. Certain amount of parts is not OK, due to... injection processing and dimensional stability of parts, where gasket is being applied.

High quality of services provided by AMB Technic approved by ISO Certificate received in 2006. ISO 9001
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