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High Pressure Valve 736 Series

Manufacturer: NORDSON EFD
High Pressure Valve 736 Series
High Pressure Valve 736HPA-NV Series - Stainless steel balanced spool valves apply uniform amounts of thick materials like greases and silicones at pressures up to 2500 psi.
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To keep dots and lines consistent and prevent drooling between shots, the 736HPA-NV valve uses an adjustable stroke control to regulate opening surge and closing snuffback.
For use with:

* Greases
* RTV's
* Sealants
* Silicones


Feature and Benefits:
- opening surge control
- adjustable snuff-back cutoff
- auxiliary air inlet air - assist closure
- cycle rate exceeds 400/minute

High quality of services provided by AMB Technic approved by ISO Certificate received in 2006. ISO 9001
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