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AMB Technic - dispensing systems, surface activation

Welcome to AMB Technic!

We are specialists in dispensing, mixing and metering systems. Our main focus is applying controlled amounts of resins, adhesives, glues, solvents, You can find here professional solution, chosen for Your Company. We have more than 20 years of experience.
We offer quality solutions and advanced applications in a range of industries. We have the authorization of the largest producers of dispensing systems.
The biggest laboratory of dispensing in this part of Europe and experienced team of technicians are always at disposal for our Customers.


AMB Technic is a special place. We live here in harony with nature.

AMB Technic is a special place. We live here in harony...

And we know that all the best things arise from nature. That is why, when we seek to improve the operations that...
Tailoring the dispensing process. Optimization and dispensing. Completely.

Tailoring the dispensing process. Optimization and...

In electronics, the automotive and construction industries, or the medical equipment field. In almost every aspect...

New dispensing systems - surface activation!

We are a Polish company in the field of dispensing systems - surface activation, and we offer solutions in many...
EFD’s New Ultimus™ V High-precision Dispenser

EFD’s New Ultimus™ V High-precision Dispenser

For fluids that change viscosity, the new UltimusV high-precision dispenser provides the ability to store and then...
Mini-gasket in precision version

Mini-gasket in precision version

One of applications made in our precision dispensing laboratory: thin, elastic gasket of only 1,5 mm width, applied...

OPTIMUM - new generation of adhesives and chemicals...

Year 2007 will become historical breakout in chemical packaging technology. First fully engineered fludi dispensing...

20 x mniej oleju - REKORD Europy ! EN

W 2005 roku w jednej z wiodących fabryk w Polsce osiągnięto rekord Europy - 20-krotne zmniejszenie zużycie oleju...
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Profesjonalne systemy dozujące do klejów, żywic, silikonów, smarów, olejów itp. Dozowniki, zawory dozujące, pompy dozujące dla przemysłu i produkcji. Zawory dozujące, pompy dozujące dla przemysłu i produkcji.
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